Authors from around the globe…. agree that the challenges and complexities of implementation far outweigh the efforts of developing practices and programs themselves
Dean L Fixsen and colleagues, 2005  Implementation Research: A Synthesis of the Literature

Welcome to the website of the UK Implementation Society (UK-IS). The Society is an independent membership organisation and a registered charity connecting those working in implementation science, practice and policy for services for people. The UK Implementation Society promotes, increases and sustains knowledge and understanding of the science of implementation in public benefit services.  We aim to advance practice in applying this knowledge on the ground, especially in the particular contexts of UK services and systems.

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In public service, implementation refers to the process of putting a service, a policy, or a set of practices into application so that it achieves its intended outcomes to provide socially significant benefits to individuals and society. Even the best-designed services and programmes will fail if they are implemented poorly. Across the world, scientists, policy makers, funders and practitioners recognise that there is an implementation gap between what is known about effective services and how they are delivered in practice. 

In social care, education and in health as well as in other areas of services for people, the fields of implementation, improvement and innovation science and practice are rapidly developing, aiming to pool knowledge and know-how in order to bridge this gap more quickly. Implementation science (and improvement science in health circles) is the systematic study and testing of implementation processes and innovations in order to expand the knowledge base about ‘what works’. Implementation practice is how we use that knowledge in the design and delivery of services on the ground.

In the rest of this website you will find more information about the field of implementation science and practice, what we do, and how to join the Society and become a part of the community of practice and learning we are helping to develop.

We welcome those who are new to the field of implementation or who want to find out more, as well as more experienced colleagues.

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