Claire Reidy

PhD, MSc, BA Hons

Research Fellow

University of Southampton





South / South Eastern England

Member since


Years in implementation:

6 or more years



Honorary roles:

Primary types of work:

Primary areas of work:

Higher Education

Webmaster, European Health Psychology Society (EHPS) Collaborative Research And Training in the EHPS (CREATE)

Service Design and Development
Academic Teaching
Implementation Support and Technical Assistance
Community Development
Service evaluation
Intervention Development

Mental Health
Primary Health Care/General Practice
Clinical Health
Self-management of long-term conditions
Health Psychology

I am a Research Fellow with a particular interest in and experience of health psychology, intervention development and implementation, especially in terms of self-management strategies, social networks and social support in relation to the psychosocial side of living with a long term condition such as diabetes or Parkinson's Disease.

Main topics of interest:

Implementation-informed Service Design
Implementation Theory
Co-Processes (Co-Design, Co-Creation etc.)
Theory of Change
Evaluation of Implementation

I have been studying and researching from the perspective of Implementation Science and Health Psychology, especially in terms of understanding and supporting self-management strategies, and the role of social networks and social support in relation to living with a long-term condition such as diabetes or Parkinson's, or supporting people to taper off of anti-depressants. This work is largely in terms of intervention development in collaboration with people living with diabetes, Parkinson's or using anti-depressants, and testing the value, impact and feasibility of developed interventions. I am particularly interested in the development and implementation of interventions to support sustainable behaviour change and/or self-management and any initiative which considers the person as a whole rather than simply a biomedical approach to health.







Journal or magazine article

In print

REIDY, C., FOSTER, C. & ROGERS, A. In print. Integrating self-management needs and theory to implement a web-based self-management tool for people with Type 1 diabetes using an insulin pump. JMIR.

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Journal or magazine article


REIDY, C., FOSTER, C. & ROGERS, A. 2019. A novel exploration of the support needs of people initiating insulin pump therapy using a social-network approach: A longitudinal mixed-methods study. Diabetic Medicine, Early view.

Open access

Journal or magazine article


REIDY, C., KENNEDY, A., POPE, C., BALLINGER, C., VASSILEV, I. & ROGERS, A. 2016. Commissioning of self-management support for people with long-term conditions: an exploration of commissioning aspirations and processes. BMJ Open, 6, e010853

Open access

Journal or magazine article


REIDY, C., BRACHER, M., FOSTER, C., VASSILEV, I. & ROGERS, A. 2018. The process of incorporating insulin pumps into the everyday lives of people with Type 1 diabetes: A critical interpretive synthesis. Health Expectations, 21, 714-729

Open access

Journal or magazine article


Reidy, C., David C. Klonoff, Barnard, K. D. (2019). Supporting Good Intentions with Good Evidence: How to Increase the Benefits of Diabetes Social Media. Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, 13(5), 974–978. DOI: 10.1177/1932296819850187

Open access

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