Peter Van Der Graaf

Fuse Knowledge Exchange Broker

Teesside University





Northern England

Member since


Years in implementation:

6 or more years



Honorary roles:

Primary types of work:

Primary areas of work:

Teesside University


Local Government policy
Knowledge mobilisation

I manage AskFuse, rapid response & evaluation service of Fuse, Centre for Translational Research in Public Health, which supports collaborative projects between academia and practitioners in the North East. I am a NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellow evaluating and supporting a regional System-Led Improvement approach for Best Start in Life.

Main topics of interest:

Co-Processes (Co-Design, Co-Creation etc.)
Evaluation of Implementation

I am interested in the interface between research, practice and policy making and how this interface facilitates (or hinders) social improvement processes at local, regional, national and international levels.

I conduct research on knowledge mobilization in public health, with a focus on the wider determinants of health (e.g. housing, health landscapes, urban regeneration) and how they affect people's health and well being.

I am particularly interested in different types of knowledge, the processes and mechanisms through which these types are mobilised and how they help to inform policy making and service development.







Journal or magazine article


Van Der Graaf P, Cheetham M, McCabe, K and Rushmer R (2018). Localising and tailoring research evidence helps public health decision making. Health Information & Libraries Journal, 35(3), pp.202-212.

Open access

Journal or magazine article


Van Der Graaf P, Forrest LF, Adams J, Shucksmith J and White M (2017) How do public health professionals view and engage with research? A qualitative interview study and stakeholder workshop engaging public health professionals and researchers. BMC public health, 17(1) p.892.

Open access

Journal or magazine article


Van Der Graaf P, Francis O, Doe E, Barrett E, O’Rorke M. and Docherty G (2018). Structural approaches to knowledge exchange: comparing practices across five centres of excellence in public health. Journal of Public Health, 40 (suppl_1), pp.i31-i38.

Open access

Journal or magazine article


Van Der Graaf P, Shucksmith J, Rushmer R, Rhodes A and Welford M (2019). Performing collaborative research: a dramaturgical reflection on an institutional knowledge brokering service in the North East of England. Health research policy and systems, 17(1), p.49.

Open access

Journal or magazine article


Van Der Graaf P, Cheetham M, Lake A, Welford M, Rushmer R, Shucksmith J. and Rhodes, A (2019) Mobilising knowledge in public health: reflections on 10 years of collaborative working in Fuse, the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health. Evidence & Policy: A Journal of Research, Debate and Practice.

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