The UK Implementation Society is a not-for-profit professional society and a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) regulated by the Charity Commission in England and Wales (Registered Charity 1175244).  

Our Mission and Purpose

Across the four nations of the United Kingdom, the Society's primary mission and purpose is to build capacity and expertise for more effective, evidence-informed implementation of services for people and communities. We cover all kinds of services, whether in health, social care, education, criminal justice, family support, or any other public  services.

Our objective is: The advancement of the science and practice of implementation for the public benefit, by:

  • championing and promoting knowledge about the importance of high quality implementation for improving outcomes from services

  • building understanding of effective implementation by collating, developing and disseminating knowledge resources on implementation science, practice and policy

  • building capacity and skills by supporting, organising and hosting learning, training and education on implementation

  • establishing mechanisms, structures and networks that facilitate connections and share learning between those working in the field

  • supporting the development of the evidence base on effective implementation of services to people;

  • supporting  the mobilisation and application of implementation evidence and knowledge in policy and in practice in other appropriate ways

The Society connects those active in the field of implementation practice, policy and science across the UK.  We:

  • champion and advocate for implementation science and evidence-informed practice in the UK

  • connect those active in implementation science and practice in the UK through activities and a directory of members

  • build relationships with other implementation, improvement and innovation networks and initiatives in the UK and internationally

  • support the growth of implementation as a field of study in the UK

  • support meetings, seminars and conferences, training and online discussion groups to exchange learning and develop practice

  • support the synthesis of learning on aspects of implementation science and practice

  • share and signpost resources, tools, instruments and methods for implementation support and research

  • encourage collaborative development and demonstration projects between members

  • support and contribute to the design, planning and content of national and global collaborations in implementation and improvement science and practice

Membership of the Society

We exist to serve as a bridge between implementation, improvement and innovation science and their application in practice and in policy, and we encourage a wide and inclusive membership across disciplines and sectors. Membership is by application, open to any bona fide individual working in implementation or improvement science or research, policy, or practice in services for people or communities who subscribes to the Society’s Principles, as set out here


Members have access to curated resources, receive a regular member bulletin, benefit from reduced fees for events, selected conferences and meetings, and can choose to be included in our Directory of Members. 


Our background


The UK Implementation Society (UK-IS) grew out of the UK Implementation Network (UK-IN) which was launched in 2014 by a group of professionals working in human services policy, practice and research in the UK. In 2017, in recognition of the evolution of our field in the UK and globally, the Network became a Society and Registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation.


Founder’s Reflections

Looking back on the early history of the UK Implementation Society 2014 to 2021: how it all began

Outgoing Chair and founder of The UK Implementation Society, Dr Deborah Ghate, reflects on the history of the Society and her time as Chair.

In September 2021 I stepped down after more than seven years as Chair of the UK Implementation Society. It has been quite a journey, from the early days when nobody much recognised the term ‘implementation’ as a field in its own right. Today, although there is much scope to develop, we do have a flourishing and growing professional community of implementation scientists, consultants, researchers and practitioners. 

Here, with prompting from the UK-IS board to capture some of the early history of the Society for posterity, I reflect a little on how we got here ....

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Terms of Reference & Policies