Sustainability is the process of managing and supporting the evolution of an intervention within a changing context
David A Chambers and colleagues, 2013   The Dynamic Sustainability Framework: 
addressing the paradox of sustainment  amid ongoing change

Upcoming Society Events

Journal Club 2021

Throughout 2021, the Society are holding bi-monthly journal club meetings online.

Each meeting will focus on a selected article, report or other publication for a 45-minute hosted discussion. All the pieces will reflect implementation issues, but over the year we’ll vary the selection across topics, sectors, levels of complexity and different perspectives.


Expect a range of reading matter including theory and development topics, empirical research, opinion and comment, practice perspectives and much else. All you have to do is sign up to participate, read the piece in advance, and join the discussion on-line at the appointed time.  Simple!

Attendance is FREE for UK-IS members, with a small charge for non-members of £10.

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