Sustainability is the process of managing and supporting the evolution of an intervention within a changing context
David A Chambers and colleagues, 2013   The Dynamic Sustainability Framework: 
addressing the paradox of sustainment  amid ongoing change

In 2018 the UK Implementation Society began a new series of activities covering a wide range of topics in implementation and improvement science and practice.  Seminars in York and London took place and more are in the planning stages.


We aim to hold the activities in different locations around the country: please contact us if you can offer a venue and would like to host a UK-IS activity at your institution.


Members will be notified by email or through the bulletin about events as soon as they are finalised. Follow us on Twitter as well @UK_ImpNet

Non-members who wish to attend UK-IS events are often able to do so: see the booking form for that event or contact for details and charges.

Upcoming activities 

Global Implementation Conference 2019


The Global Implementation Conference is coming to Scotland, September 15th-17th 2019.  Click here to learn more.

The Call for Papers for the Global Implementation Conference 2019 is out!  Click here for more details.

Planned activities

  • A series of informal seminars: on topics as diverse as Implementation in Whitehall; Complex systems and the challenge for implementation theory and practice; Resistance to change – does it exist and should we worry about it?; Co-creation, co-design and the potential applications for implementation;  and Theories of change – why have one and how to build and use one for service improvement.  


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