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Broaden your knowledge, make time to focus, and share stimulating discussion on implementation topics with the UK Implementation Society by taking part in our Journal Club.

Each meeting focuses on a selected article, report or other publication for a 45-minute hosted discussion. All the pieces reflect implementation issues, but we vary the selection across topics, sectors, levels of complexity and different perspectives.


Expect a range of reading matter including theory and development topics, empirical research, opinion and comment, practice perspectives and much else. All you have to do is sign up to participate, read the piece in advance, and join the discussion on-line at the appointed time.  Simple!

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In the UK, the field of implementation and improvement practice and science is still fragmented, and we know that many people studying or working in implementation-focused roles can feel isolated from like-minded colleagues.


Here’s a chance to link up with others around the country and enjoy 45 minutes of informal but productive discussion on a wide range of implementation-relevant topics.  


Whether you’re a frequent reader of implementation science literature or just an occasional one, the new UK-IS journal club is an opportunity to add to your understanding and discuss key publications in an informal, friendly group with diverse composition.  All members are welcome regardless of job role or level of experience  – no ‘expertise’ required! Each meeting will be hosted by someone different. 

Upcoming Discussions ....

22nd February 2022

12:30 - 13:15

Learning Evaluation: blending quality improvement and implementation research methods to study healthcare innovations

Bijal A Balasubramanian, Deborah J Cohen, Melinda M Davis, Rose Gunn, L Miriam Dickinson, William L Miller, Benjamin F Crabtree & Kurt C Stange (2015) Implementation Science volume 10, Article number: 31

Published a few years ago now, this paper looks at the potential of combining quality improvement and implementation research methods as a learning evaluation approach for healthcare innovations.

This approach has links to more recent work around learning health systems where practice drive meaningful data collection and knowledge creation that feeds back into practice. Balasubramanian and colleagues present a methodological framework and practical example of a learning evaluation approach.

Hosted by:

Dr. Andrew Walker

FREE to members, £10 non-members

26th April 2022

12:30 - 13:15

Spreading and scaling up innovation and improvement

Greenhalgh and Papoutsi BMJ 2019;365:l2068

Hosted by:

Dr. Tom Jefford

FREE to members, £10 non-members

28th June 2022

12:30 - 13:15

Adapting interventions to new contexts—the ADAPT guidance

Moore G, Campbell M, Copeland L, Craig P, Movsisyan A, Hoddinott P et al. BMJ 2021;374:n1679

This recently published paper is providing guidance on a very relevant topic for implementation practitioners and scientists alike: the adaptation of interventions to new contexts.

The ADAPT guidance was developed by an international consortium, led by the DECIPHER group and funded by the UK Medical Research Council and the National Institute of Health Research.

Hosted by:

Dr. Alexandra Ziemann

FREE to members, £10 non-members

You can register for your place at any of the upcoming discussions using the individual registration buttons above.

Please feel free to share details of the discussions with your colleagues and networks as non-members are welcome to attend for a small fee (to cover administration).


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Journal Club Feedback ...

Missed a meeting?  Interested to read feedback on the discussion?  Use the links below to read the short feedback reports from each Journal Club meeting.

14th Dec 2021

Hosted by:

Prof. Nick Sevdalis

The Implementation Research Logic Model: a method for planning, executing, reporting, and synthesizing implementation projects

Justin D. Smith, Dennis H. Li & Miriam R. Rafferty (2020) Implementation Science 84

A recent paper on a complete methodology for developing and researching implementation projects.

Published last autumn, this is an interesting merging of core evaluation methodology (theory of change/logic model) with implementation concepts. ToC methods are usually reported both within health but also elsewhere (e.g. as a guide to impact evaluations) and the fact that there is now the option to formally integrate implementation strategies and mechanisms within them is an interesting and useful development.

Read Feedback

26th Oct 2021

Hosted by:

Dr. Alexandra Ziemann

Mechanisms of scaling up: combining a realist perspective and systems analysis to understand successfully scaled interventions

Harriet Koorts , Samuel Cassar , Jo Salmon , Mark Lawrence , Paul Salmon and Henry Dorling (2021) International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 18:42

A recent empirical paper applying two relatively new methodological approaches – systems analysis and realist evaluation.

This very recently published empirical paper presents a worked example of applying and combining two relatively new methodological approaches that become more and more relevant in implementation particularly in regards to the scaling-up of innovations: systems analysis and realist evaluation.

31st Aug 2021

Hosted by:

Dr. Tom Jefford

Making sense of implementation theories, models and frameworks

Per Nilsen (2015) Implementation Science 10: 53

A useful review of frameworks, theories and models that are commonly used in implementation science.

This highly cited article by Per Nilsen is a very useful review of frameworks, theories and models that are commonly used in implementation science. It is a helpful article that makes implementation science accessible and useful.

29th June 2021

Hosted by:

Prof. Annette Boaz

A refined compilation of implementation strategies: results from the Expert Recommendations for Implementing Change (ERIC) project

Powell BJ, Waltz TJ, Chinman MJ, Damschroder LJ, Smith JL, Matthieu MM, Proctor EK, Kirchner JE

A thorough review of the wide range of implementation strategies in common use.

This research reported in this paper aimed to improve the conceptual clarity, relevance, and comprehensiveness of implementation strategies that can be used in isolation or combination in implementation research and practice. It maps out the 73 strategies more commonly used to promote implementation, based on a methodology for building consensus among experts.

27th April 2021

Hosted by:

Dr. Deborah Ghate

Lessons from complex interventions to improve health.

Penelope Hawes (2015) Annual Review of Public Health 36:307-23

A classic paper on complexity, complex systems and challenges for implementation and research

Thoughtful, richly informative and challenging article by Penny Hawes relevant for implementation in all public service sectors (not just health). In the paper the author reflects on how the nature of complex interventions and complex system settings requires us to think differently about methods and terminologies in standard usage.

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