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New For Members - The UK-IS Reflect & Refuel

Are you missing the opportunity to sharpen your implementation perspective on how our world has changed and continues to change since the Covid-19 Pandemic? If so, your *go-to* event is the all-new UK Implementation Society Midday Reflect & Refuel ….. short hosted on-line discussions on some of the pressing topics of the day and how they relate to effective implementation practice and science. Refuel your thinking!

Schedule of Sessions

Our hugely popular Summer 2020 Series of Reflect & Refuel sessions has now come to an end.

We are currently planning a new series for the Autumn - watch this space!

Email our administrator at: admin@ukimplementation.org.uk  for joining instructions.


We’re currently living and working through an unprecedented crisis in human history – one that has raised huge implementation challenges at all levels from the personal and individual to the systemic and supra-national. As students and practitioners of implementation in a wide range of public services, what are we learning and what useful knowledge can we take forward into the future, whatever comes next? How well or poorly is the implementation gap’ (the gap between what we know and what we do) being tackled in responses to the Covid-19 crisis?

Take 45 minutes out, bring your own lunch, put on your implementation hat and join your host and other UK-IS members on-line as we reflect, in real time on a range of topics that we are curious to discuss with fellow implementation colleagues round the country. We plan these as relaxed and informal discussions, mixing members from a range of sectors, types of job and levels of experience. Bring your own observations, questions, examples and thoughts about solutions and join the conversation. 

 Over our Summer 2020 series we’ll be discussing:

  • How has (or hasn’t?) knowledge and evidence from the field of implementation science been mobilised in responses across services and settings?

  • How are practitioners and managers in front-line services actually using implementation science or know-how in the current environment?

  • What practical use have formal implementation theories and frameworks been during the crisis? Could they help us exit the crisis more gracefully than we entered? Have they helped us focus more clearly on the right targets?

  • What happens to stakeholder engagement and user or patient involvement in the context of rapid or crisis-related work?

  • Leadership has been identified repeatedly as an important implementation driver. What kind of leadership (systems- command and control- compassionate- etc) and what attributes of leadership have been most effective during the crisis?

  • Has the crisis led us to any reflections on the nature of ‘expertise’ and ‘evidence’ in implementation?

  • Has the pandemic made us think any differently about cross-systemic implementation, given the multiple levels at which responses have to be made? 

  • How can we identify, record, profile and assess the effectiveness of innovative practice in response to Covid-19 (especially where it has subverted usual processes and practices) and how can we capture its active ingredients? How much pandemic-related innovation could be sustainable and scalable? 

Keep an eye on your inbox over the next few weeks for more details and to learn how to participate!

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