UK-IS Open Resources

The UK Implementation Society commissions and produces resources for our members, some of which are made available on an open access basis on this page.

Resource Digests

Each of our resource digests focuses on a core implementation or improvement science or practice topic and acts as a guide to useful literature and resources, starting from first principles.  


We aim to cover the key dimensions or aspects of each topic, rather than to provide a comprehensive review of the published literature. We particularly aim to include texts that are available on an open access basis or that showcase the contribution of UK implementation scientists and practitioners.

Available here in the open access area is one of our digests:

Implementation Resource Digest 1, Core Implementation Resources


Implementation Knowledge & News - Member Bulletin

Implementation Knowledge and News is the news bulletin of the UK Implementation Society. We produce these on a regular basis, several times a year, containing information for all implementation professionals on upcoming learning events and conferences in the UK and elsewhere, jobs and opportunities in the implementation and improvement field, information for about implementation relevant courses around the country, as well as highlighting a selection of new publications of interest to our members.

Available here in the open access area is our archive of previous editions :

Implementation Knowledge & News


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