Are you interested in practice-sharing events about implementation?

UK-IS member Janet Grauberg, who works as an organisational learning consultant and has a background in children’s social care, has joined the volunteer team at UK-IS to help develop an offer of member events, and is looking for your ideas.

I joined the UK Implementation Society earlier this year because I wanted to know more about what was happening in the field of implementation studies in the UK. Last year I completed an MSc in Organisational Change, because I wanted to study how innovation spreads in UK children’s services. I looked at implementation science as well as literature on the diffusion of innovations, evidence-based practice and inter-organisational learning.

The conclusion from my reading was that that bulletins and conferences are not sufficient to support the adoption of innovative ways of working. A more social and sustained approach is required, where people can apply the new ideas to their own setting, and ask lots of questions. In my dissertation research I used action learning as the basis for an exploration of whether a series of sessions over a period of six months helped people apply an innovative approach to improving access to mental health support for children and young people.

I joined the UK Implementation Society because I wanted a forum in which I could continue to think about these issues.

Because I am interested in practice-based approaches to spreading innovation, I have volunteered to help UK-IS develop its event offer – so that we can complement the regular bulletins, and information about academic conferences, with opportunities for members to share and discuss our implementation practice, and learn from each other, as well as hearing about emerging knowledge in the field of implementation studies.

Now I would like to hear from other members about whether they would be interested in such events, and what would you have found helpful in the past.

I would like to think that UK-IS could offer a range of event formats. I would be interested in setting up a journal club, or an action learning set, if people were interested in something that was ongoing over a period of time. We could also develop one-off events in the evening, lunchtime webinars, and occasional daytime or “breakfast” sessions.

Despite my new MSc, my background is in children’s services strategy and planning, not in academia, so I would like to see the events include ways in which to share policy and practice experiences, complementing UK-IS’s offer of access to current thinking in the academic study of implementation.

Please let me know what you are interested in – and whether you or your organisation would be willing to share your experience or knowledge in some way.

And if you are not in a position to share your experience, perhaps you could help by offering the building where you work as a venue for a get-together, or you could arrange to use your organisation’s webinar package for a lunchtime session.

The UK Implementation Society is not flush with resources, and so we will need to be realistic about what we can put together, but it would be great to hear your views, and see if we can get something started. You can contact me on

Janet Grauberg is a freelance organisational learning consultant working in children’s services, with a background in strategy and policy in the voluntary sector and government. She specialises in using inter-organisational learning approaches to spread innovation and good practice. She has written about her approach for the Alliance for Useful Evidence here.

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