Directory of Members

Submit your entry to the Directory of Members

Members of the Society are invited to submit a short individual profile of themselves and their work in the implementation or improvement field for inclusion in the UK Implementation Society’s on-line official Directory of Individual Members. 

Members can opt to have their details restricted to other UK-IS members only, or may opt to share information in the open-access area (the most popular option).  You can withdraw your entry from the Directory at any time by contacting the office. 

Completing your entry will take no more than 10-15 minutes if before you start you have ready, in the correct format:

  • A brief description of your primary area(s) of work in implementation  (50 words max), to help fellow members understand what you do.

  • A short description of your main area(s) of  personal interest with regard to topics in the implementation and/or improvement sciences, or policy, or practice (100 words max). This helps others know what you are most interested in, and enables the Society to plan member services with your specific interests in mind. Please don’t leave this blank!

  • For those who wish, up to five of your own publications in Harvard referencing style (see this guide;). You can also include blogs or talks/podcasts given by you and available on line (give full URLs).

  • A headshot to accompany your entry.  This can be uploaded directly on the submission form or sent by email to the office at with your name in the subject line.  For optimal reproduction on the website, if possible, please ensure your image has a clear background and is well lit.

Tip: You cannot save and return to the form once you have started to complete it, so you are strongly advised to have the items listed above ready in advance.

Once you press ‘DONE’ at the end of the form, your entry is sent to the UK-IS office where it will be processed before going live. We will notify all members when the finished Directory goes live for the first time. 

Please note:  We reserve the right to edit entries but we will not have the resources to proof and check every entry. Therefore, please check that your entries are free of typographical error, and are written in accessible but correct plain English before you submit by saving and sending your form. Please check that URLs are live before submitting. Do not exceed the word limits stipulated.  Entries that do not meet these standards will not be reproduced.

We do hope you’ll take the opportunity to be part of the Directory, which is a new member benefit in 2020.  Here’s why you should take part:

  • The Directory facilitates networking for members of the Society, allowing you to see who else is a member and know how to get in touch with one another. Members can find others among the membership with similar or complementary interests in the field of implementation science, for the purposes of collaboration and sharing learning. You can look for colleagues to join forces with for new teams and projects, funding applications, conferences, joint papers, shared interest and practice groups.

  • Those listed in the open directory publically identify themselves as active members of the professional implementation community. Colleagues in the wider implementation and improvement communities including those overseas, benefits will include being able to access information about individual professionals currently active in the implementation field in the UK, and source UK expertise and experience in implementation, for example for advice, peer review, collaboration, opinion and comment.  

  • The Directory provides more information to the Society about our membership and gives us a better understanding of the range and weight of interests among the membership. It helps us to better serve our membership. Over time, we will also be able to chart the changes in the implementation field using membership composition and interests as an indicator. 


You can upload a headshot to accompany your entry on the submission form, OR email it to:  with your name in the subject line.