Principles of Subscription to Membership of the UK Implementation Society

The UK Implementation Society aims to build a shared learning community across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We welcome those who actively contribute to that mission. Members do not have to reside in the UK but must have an interest in, or be working for, better services to people in the UK. Members agree to subscribe to the nine principles below.

Members of the Society:

  1. Support and promote effective approaches to the implementation of services to people by improving existing services and supporting innovation, with the ultimate goal of achieving better outcomes from services

  2. Are committed to high quality implementation as a key component of effective services that promote human wellbeing

  3. Recognise that effective implementation  and improvement is evidence-informed, drawing on and integrating the best available knowledge from scientific research with practice experience, policy know-how and service-users’ experiences

  4. Work across a wide diversity of fields, including practice, service design, policy and planning, commissioning and funding, philanthropy, and research and science, and are committed to building a shared learning community that bridges sectors, disciplines and areas of professional practice 

  5. Share learning and expertise in implementation science, policy and practice and help to build a resource and support base for members and others

  6. Contribute actively to the Society wherever possible, for example through sharing learning, participating in and assisting with development of the Society’s activities

  7. Refrain from promoting any specific party political, commercial or personal interests through the medium of the Society

  8. Undertake not to make any public communication on behalf of the Society without the prior approval of the Chair

  9. Undertake to observe these principles and not to bring the Society into disrepute