Promising interventions typically require continuous attention to local needs and strengths, to lessons learned, and to changing circumstances. They are deeply dependent on context.
Lisbeth B Schorr, 2003   Determining ‘what works’ in social programmes and social polices

Latest news in brief

From issue 10 of Implementation, Knowledge and News, our bulletin for members:

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  • Members' Activities, Achievements and Awards in 2018 – We’re proud to say that UK Implementation Society members have been highly active in contributing to the growth of the field of implementation science, practice and policy during 2018.  This issue contains a selection of their public contributions during the past 12 months.


  • New Implementation Training Course in Scotland - CELCIS is now offering a new learning programme called Active Implementation. The programme is informed by evidence that shows what it takes to maximise the chances of successfully and effectively implementing and delivering real changes and improvements to services and practices that can also be sustainable, and, where required, scalable.                              

  • The University of Washington Implementation Science Resource Hub - This hub by UW provides a range of resources about undertaking implementation research, learning opportunities, blogs and articles.

  • Have you got something to say about implementation science and practice in the UK? UK-IS seeks bloggers: contact our new commissioning editor Mark Pearson at

News in brief

UK-IN becomes UK-IS 

In November 2017 The UK Implementation Network became The UK Implementation Society, (UK-IS) registered charity 1175244. The purpose of the Society is the advancement of the science and practice of implementation for the public benefit, with a focus on the implementation and improvement of services to people throughout the UK.  The Society provides cross sectoral and inter-disciplinary information and news, learning resources and opportunities for all people working in implementation and improvement science and practice.


It collaborates with groups in other countries working to develop the field globally, and creates a network for all UK professionals to engage in an inclusive community of practice and learning.

Benefits of membership of the Society include:

  • Regular e-bulletin Implementation Knowledge and News several times a year

  • Access online to downloadable resources for practice and research including publications like our Implementation Resource Digests, presentations, learning resources and blogs from invited contributors.

  • Meet and share learning with others working in policy, practice, and science across different sectors and across a wide range of services to people

  • Hear from experts in the field, internationally and locally, on-line and at our events

  • Reduced or no fees for our learning and networking events

  • The right to designate yourself as a Member of the UK Implementation Society

  • Reciprocal arrangements for discounted attendance at selected international events

Former members of the UK Implementation Network are invited to transfer their membership as soon as possible and new members are welcomed! Membership application forms and subscription information can be accessed on the UK-IS website here

On our website, UK-IS  hosts a series of blogs by members and invited guest contributors on various subjects relevant to implementation and improvement topics. We aim to be informative, thought-provoking, and even a little controversial!


If you would like to contribute a blog and reach a wide national and international audience of implementation professionals and students, contact Mark Pearson, Commissioning Editor for Blogs, at browse a selection of previous blogs, click here.



Watch this space for news of the Global Implementation Conference 2019.

Resources to support implementers

Our website ( is newly launched to co-incide with our change of status to a Society and will continue to be developed and expanded over the coming months. We plan new resources for members, continuing regular information bulletins (which reach members and non-members), and have added on-line joining and payment facilities to make subscribing to UK-IS membership as easy as possible. Please send us feedback and any materials for consideration: it’s your Society!

We are also redeveloping our regular Bulletin, Implementation Knowledge and News into new formats for e-distribution, and for our website. Contact Andrew Walker, Knowledge and Resources Officer at to submit material for the next bulletins.

We will also be producing and commissioning new gateway and research resources in our series of Implementation Resource Digests : suggestions for topics and contributors to author new digests are welcome and should also be sent to Andrew Walker.

For even more news see the latest Implementation Knowledge and News bulletin available in the Members area and in Open Resources.

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